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Authors Wanted!

Word up dawgs.

I need authors for this site, and I need ‘em now! We’re looking for youth from Kilkenny to write about ANYTHING that interests them. Like Rugby? Send us in match fixtures and match reports. Like Music? Interview Kilkenny bands and review their releases.  Have an unusually strong interest in flower arranging? Fuck it! I want you to write about dem dandilions and roses and we’ll publish it all on your new platform punchthesphinx.com

I built this website because there was NOTHING for the youth of Kilkenny online. Not a forum, not a blog. There was sweet fuck all. And traditional media like the newspapers and radio? Hell, when’s the last time anyone in our age bracket has enjoyed reading through it. This is totally new and all for you!

I don't know why its all pens. You'll be typingThis is your new outlet for anything of interest to Kilkenny’s youth but it will only be successful if youz guys use it. So take advantage of it! If you want to see something here YOU have to do it. Get off yer arses and it’ll happen! I’ll contribute as much as I can with events and competitions and all that sorta fun crap but ultimately, punchthesphinx’s fate rests on your shoulders youth of Kilkenny. Take this chance to get your voice heard and become an author!

And if you can’t become an author, at least submit something of interest through the contact form. Be it events you want covered or an event you want added to the event’s calendar, it’s still participation and every little bit counts

So CONTACT US and become an author…today!

And for jaysus sake, post comment will yiz!

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Written By: James
Hi, I'm James. Creator of PunchTheSphinx. I've just finished my first year in Visual Communications in IADT Dun Laoghaire. Now I'm back in Kilkenny for the summer and running PunchTheSphinx again! :D Outside PTS, I play the guitar and listen to mostly metalcore and pop. I design web sites for a living outside college, including this one.

19 Responses to Authors Wanted!

  1. graham says:

    GOWANYAGUDTHING!great idea jim jam!!

  2. Hi, I’d be hugely interested!!!
    I’ve been blogging for the past year(http://vision711.blogspot.com), and this is ezactly the kind of thing I’d be looking to do!
    Contact me through email: preventine@msn.com


  3. James says:

    Hey David,

    I sent you an email there with information on being an author. Glad to see your interested! :D

  4. Oisín Quigley says:

    Yeah I’m interested!

    I’ve actually been wanting something like this site. Something to hopefully get people going to back to gigs because the Kilkenny music scene has gone to the pits crowd wise.

    So I’ll be glad to help out anyway I can. :D

  5. James says:

    Hey Oish, I got back to you there! Sent you off the details for authorship. Sorry for the delay, musta glazed over your comment!

  6. Adrian says:

    Whats the age cut off for the authorship? Like, when do you fail to fall into the category of “youth of Kilkenny”?

  7. graham says:

    when you buy a suit and cut your hair thats when!!so yer safe!!hope on :D

  8. James says:

    For this site I considered the youth of Kilkenny to be between 13 and 25. Interested in writing Aido?

  9. graham says:

    you just make the cut :P like danny davito and a roller coaster he just about measures up!im presuming this is adrian the photographer? you should do a type of online galery of your work!would be interesting

  10. Adrian says:

    Yeah, I would be interested indeed, I seem to talk enough shite as it is, might aswell have somewhere to throw up my random thoughts.
    And now that I’m the official ITF spokesman, it’ll at least be somewhere else to spout any & all news.
    @Graham – Yeah, it is the photographer one, ha. I would do an online gallery, but have no idea how to go about setting up a website etc., so I’ve just got the Bebo page for now.

  11. graham says:

    then do it on this website :D

  12. James says:

    It’s not somewhere to spout your random thoughts though. It’s for Kilkenny youth interest. So as long as it ticks that box its good to go. Once you don’t make it your personal blog it’s grand.

    Just lemme know here that you understand t’aint yer own personal blog and I’ll send the authorship pack on.

  13. Adrian says:

    Oh yeah, that’s what I meant like, random thoughts on movies, music, gigs, games & all in between. I’ve got my own personal blog for random thoughts about nonsense, ha!

    So yeah, I totally understand that its about what the Kilkenny Youth is interested in, sorry I didn’t make that clear dude.

  14. James says:

    Kewla Bewla. I set up your account and sent on the info! \o/

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