PunchTheSphinx : We don't really hate Egypt

Give Kilkenny Some Lovin’

We’ve all bitched and we’ve all moaned; We’ve all complained about and berated this fantabulous city of ours. It’s super easy to go to negative side of things.

But lets look at the positive side!

It’s where our friends are. It’s where we grew up. It’s where we’ve all had countless good nights. It’s a city who’s people organise epic and fun events regularly. This city and it’s people has given all of us great memories and will continue to do so.

So lets give it some of our love!

“HOW SO?!” I hear you scream. “THIS IS HOW” screams I.



In fairness, It’s not a bad auld place to live!


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Written By: James
Hi, I'm James. Creator of PunchTheSphinx. I've just finished my first year in Visual Communications in IADT Dun Laoghaire. Now I'm back in Kilkenny for the summer and running PunchTheSphinx again! :D Outside PTS, I play the guitar and listen to mostly metalcore and pop. I design web sites for a living outside college, including this one.

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Jinjiang will begin planning a number of public sector technology development and service platform. Jinjiang City in which the formation of Machinery Industry Association in 2008 or 2009, around 2010, the construction of Jinjiang City, electromechanical product quality inspection.5 teenagers battering peers cable protection money to make it kneel lick shoes

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