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Hey people,

I have some bad news. I don’t have the time anymore to be able to run this website. The amount of work I get in college is absolutely unreal. My weekdays and weekends are packed full of it, in at 10 and out at 5,6,7 or 8. And then, I have more work to complete at home or weekends or there is materials to buy, study to be done, essays to write, yada yada you get the idea. Hell, I made this decision around a fortnight ago but I haven’t had time to even announce it until now.

So…the plan now is that I’m putting punchthesphinx.com into hibernation until next year. The site will still be up to view and comment, but it just won’t be updated. I’m finished my first year of college on May 7th, so a while later I’ll be kicking this baby right off again. Events and all. I’ll actually have the time for it! I’ll resurrect it from the dead and rightly so the first event will be Manhunt (Zombies)

Thanks so much to all our authors who have written for the site already. Your contribution has been invaluable and I can only hope you’ll all return to write for the site again next year. I’m sorry that I don’t have the time to run it anymore.

Thanks to all our readers as well!


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Written By: James
Hi, I'm James. Creator of PunchTheSphinx. I've just finished my first year in Visual Communications in IADT Dun Laoghaire. Now I'm back in Kilkenny for the summer and running PunchTheSphinx again! :D Outside PTS, I play the guitar and listen to mostly metalcore and pop. I design web sites for a living outside college, including this one.

4 Responses to Hibernation

  1. Sean says:

    Heh, my site is taking a similar death from college work, its mad no? Really trying to just keep it somewhat active though! I’ve let it die too many times, its far more effort getting people back to a site than posting infrequently! :P
    Shame you can’t leave this place open though, you’d need more writers for that to be viable though, maybe ask some of those Voice for Youth girls you got hanging around? ;) T

  2. Eleanor says:

    Thanks for creating it in the first place! It’s a shame you have so much work in college, but I’ll be counting the days until it starts up again!

  3. graham says:

    rawr rawr rawr!! your welcome james :P

  4. Grace. says:

    I’m sure you will some interesting stuff by the summer. Sounds like you have a lot of work packed on top of you.

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