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Welcome to Hectic Ramblings! This is basically Shit We Love without a shit name and a whole year later. I’ve decided to put a more free flowing structure and whatever comes to mind is going to be thrown down. THUNDERCUNT. Grand.


This clip is from the show “intervention”.His family have enough of him shooting heroin up his bumhole so they hope this show can change his life.  He cries. Nuff said. I’ll give a fiver to anyone who can translate this.

FUCK. It appears The Rev from Avenged Sevenfold is not in fact dead and now plays in a band for hire. This guy pwns.

General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard really has gone downhill.


WTF. Just saying. Like The Loch Ness Monster, Jesus and the female orgasm  he’s hairy and not real. COP ON

Its fathers day. Yay…Ahem. My dad is the kind of guy who could read a phonebook and make it funny. Then again he used to do it with his penis out. Anyway. I bet your wondering what to get him? Well then this wont be of any help at all the yea stupid pricks its a bit late!  What i decided to was make him something sentimental. This of course is teenageish for i’m fair broke.

So i went to town and bought to canvasses from the Euro 2 Store. Took one of my stencils i still have from college and thirty seconds later BOOM a fathers day prezzie is born!

Cost-4 squid. Level of effectiveness-Maffis

Go Go Gadget AWESOME

Fair want one of these!


How fucking awesome would you look in a suit riding down high street on one of these wearing your best stinky suit? Pretty fucking awesome i’d say.

Ear Boners

I had no idea what to think when i first heard this band. Hectic. After listening to their first album I fell in love. They’re heavy as a bear holding a rhino and have a super phitt lead singer need I say more? The video is ace too

Live lounge is awesome and produces gems. Like this. Also Examples cover of Tik Tok by Ke$ha. FAIR CAN’T WAIT FOR 19th DECEMBER!


No…just no.


Dogs are always in the pushup position. Just saying.


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Written By: Graham Delaney
18 mighty years ago the Americans sat patiently on the 4th of July , fireworks await, for the second coming of Christ. They were sadly disapointed and they now celebrate their complete independence from religion and, well, hope. On this weekend (yes thats why, I swear) 18 years on Graham 'Boots Electric' Delaney is just as disapointing and is going on to 3rd level to study Art. He is wank at drawing but luckily he is a creative soul! He likes long days lounging outside spar, spitting and spitting outside spar. Ugg boots too, yes muggs! Grahams got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night!

2 Responses to Hectic Ramblings

  1. Eleanor says:

    The Live Lounge is brilliant! So innovative… Really helps you see songs and artists differently. Have you seen Lenka’s cover of Jump In The Pool?

  2. never heard of either of those :P

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