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Shit We Love 2

Well hellooooooooo thar! Welcome to the second installment of Shit We Love! First things first thanks for making it the most viewed post on pts.com! Almost makes working for ye cunts worth it! Okay this time around there’s gonna be the same old shit that’s SO sweet it will leave you in a diabetic coma FACT! But we can worry about that later eh? Just try to fall forwards not backwards, ahem, in fact strap a pillow or four to your chest and one on your ball bag. Good man!


Okay I know what your thinking! Graham your one of those giant disney gayists! But whoa there! Be the judge AFTER you watch this! So in this video the guy sings the amazingly sugary song from Aladdin (we’ve all seen it and sang along dont lie) fair enough he’s got a great voice but heres the twist HE SINGS BOTH PARTS!! He sings the guy part and the girl part! It is the queerest, freekish and most amazing thing you will ever see. . . EVER! If it was up to me all this section would be this guy and his man lady voice but unforch that would be redonkulous so heres the link to this guy doing a surprisingly gay version of journey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wceKiDBjFM

HAHAHAHAHAHA good enough for the little prick! Didnt his mam ever tell him not to play on little black pole thingys when he was younger? No? Oh. . .well whats he doing outside being active anyway? If he was inside smoking his mind to mush like a good chap none of this would’ve happened.

Straight up and down this is without a doubt the best use of a song in any video ever!! This is William Spencer. He is very special indeed! If Jackie Chan could skate his name would be William Spencer. Actually it would still be Jackie Chan but you get what i mean right? Course you do! He has many a picture box on the youtube so go check him out because it took my about an hour to decide which one to post here! I decided with this because of the awesomly cheesey Bon Jovie song! A SHOT TO THE NUTS! BUT HES OK! HE GIVES JACKIE CHAN NIGHTMARES!

This ladies and germs is Beardy Man! Given I have more hair on my forehead, I dont know where he got his name but wow isn’t he great! This is all done in one take using looping on a kaoss pad 3! This ladies is what you call multi tasking! Psssssk! We saw him live at Oxegen09 and he was bat shit crazy good!

This HAS to be seen by everybody in the world! It is the funniest movie bit I have ever seen!! Its from the movie “I love you, man!” Watch it! Its the titties.


Oli sykes is a FAG! He once pissed in a bottle and hit a chick in the face with it, thats not on! But by fuck is he talented! He is founder of DropDead clothing and lead singer of heavey as fuck awesome cakes band “Bring me the horizon”

This song is boner inducing and has the best breakdown i’ve heard in a song ever ever! The video is ace too! Anyway moving on! DropDead formed when little tyke sykes had a dream and went to study media! HE FUCKED UP AND DROPPED OUT so his mam guiltingly lended him 5oo great britsh pounds(!) to print his first few tee’s and hes took off from there! Skies the limit for sykes as his band BMTH are now bigger than his cuntiness and ego combined so we can expect these tee’s to keep rolling out the press. Which is good cos’ they are BEAST!


He quotes going from city to city with the band as being his influences. Unless they’ve had gigs on a farm in space then he’s clearly bat shit mental! These tee’s are reasonably priced and are available from www.iheartdropdead.com

Next week: Runners :D


All new crazy shit here again mother lickers!


Diner dirt buster

€10.00 from chemical-records.co.uk

ITS A FUCKING HOOVER!!! Look!! A tiny hoover!! Need i say more? Might as well! This handy gadget is for hoovering crumbs up off the auld office table, hoovering dandruff off yer food or as a quick solution for gettin coke off the table when ye hear someone coming!



20.00 yo yo’s from www.drinkstuff.com

Yeeeeeeee hawwwwwwww lets get gun tootin pissticles!! This shit makes my day! Whats more manly than swigging whiskey? Swiggin whiskey from a rootin tootin revolver thats what! We got pissed and tried to kill ourselves with this, we just got a bit wet. WHAMMY



€170 from www.firebox.com

With most ipod docks looking like wall-e’s gay cousin this is as granny punchingly manly as they get! Keep yer head held high wih this amp style docking station with a built in mic jack just because not enough people hate you as it is! The only bad thing is that its hardly pocket sized is it? Unless your mc hammer of course!


Condement gun

€20.00 from firebox.com

After getting munted from your shot-gun now you can have a mustard fight with your crazy uncle bob at the next bbq with these crazy condo-guns just dont blame us when he gets a bit to friendly and lovingly cupps you junk ok?



Whats the cunting point of being a vampire who doesnt kill shit or suck shits blood? Cunty mc cuntington here just stands around looking all shiney and sad with his big cunty hair! He looks like an albino made of pure gayest jaw bone!! He needs a kick in the eye. CUNT!



Billy talent III

Billy talent are (were) a dirty,gritty hardcore band who exploded from the underground indie scene in Toronto in 2001 and enjoyed moderate success ever since. With their energy riddled live shows and catchy as swine flu songs they could do no wrong upon the release of Billy Talent II in 2006! Hardcore talent fans like myself couldnt overlook their change from a fast choppy explosive punk band on their first album to slower more mainstream radio friendly rock on their 2nd album so one was pressed to think where they were going to go with there much anticipated 3rd album.

I seen them play the ambassador in 2007 and was truely blown away by their intense passion for what they were doing and their raw energy wich exploded from the speakers with Ian D’sa one of the best live guitarists i have ever seen. . .even with his mental hair!uUpon listning to Billy talent III i was disapointed confused and impressed all at once. . . wierd! Opening track “devil on my shoulder” realised my biggest fear! It didnt explode out of the headphones like previous openers instead it struggled out of the shackles with a funky ‘rock’ riff as opposed to their fast crunchy punk riffs.I noticed that Ben had calmed his vocals down a bit more than a tad. Was this a fabled attempt to bring Billy talent to the masses? By the third song i was convinced that not only had they cleaned up their sound on the last album but this one was completely spotless. Going for radio friendly songs just didnt suit the Canadian punk maestros! The pace did not pick up and as a whole this album seems like a collection of slow modernised rock with Green Day, later Offspring and muse elements present.

Dont get me wrong this album has a few gems with bens vocals and ians guitar better than ever but it is not a Billy talent album! This is the “All hope is gone” of the billy talent era. . .sorry the “billy talent lite” era

★★ ★/5



Funny people

Okay! Where to start! This is Judd Apatows third outing as a writer director and he decides to break from his adolescent comedy to a much more rounded drama. Does he pull it off? Yes and no! Pairing comedy giants Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen is a genious move on Apatows part and their chemestry is apperent from the start!

Sandler stars as a rich cunt comedian who finds out he has a terminal illness and decides to try and turn his life around before he bites the dust! He hires Ira wright(Rogen) as a protoge/friend/helper! The plot seems like gold on paper but i felt the movie was devided into two parts! The first, where he thinks he is dying, and the second, where he finds out he is better and returns to be being a complete cunt! The first half has few laughs but the characters are real and well thaught out! The second makes for great viewing but it seems that Apatow loses hold of the reigns and lets the story get away from him.

Overall the movie is like marmite! Its a yeast based presearve thats black and you spread on toast! Nah i mean you either love it or hate it! At a hefty 146 minutes it seems a high price for a few laughs and the drama is scarce! Still an enjoyable romp through the trials and tribulations of a cunt!



Ummmm hum!!some mighty fine reviewing right there yes sireeeeeeee bob!! that concludes SHIT WE LOVE 2 thank ya for stopping by and dont forget if you see a vid thats pant-shitingly funny, see something thats makes you wtf or hear something that gives you brain erections and want it covered the send it to graham@punchthesphinx.com and il do me best lad!

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Written By: Graham Delaney
18 mighty years ago the Americans sat patiently on the 4th of July , fireworks await, for the second coming of Christ. They were sadly disapointed and they now celebrate their complete independence from religion and, well, hope. On this weekend (yes thats why, I swear) 18 years on Graham 'Boots Electric' Delaney is just as disapointing and is going on to 3rd level to study Art. He is wank at drawing but luckily he is a creative soul! He likes long days lounging outside spar, spitting and spitting outside spar. Ugg boots too, yes muggs! Grahams got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night!

8 Responses to Shit We Love 2

  1. James says:

    That first video is actually the weirdest, strangest thing I’ve ever seen. HOW can he do it so well?

  2. graham says:

    what you cant see on camera is the guy twisting his testies :P

  3. Area51 says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nasty thats not nice aladin was rapped boooooooooo

  4. graham says:

    ‘aladin was rapped’


  5. Eleanor says:

    The last video is seriously the best cover of Poker Face I have ever heard. Eat your heart out GaGa! HA!

  6. twinks says:

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