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UNIBEAM! T-shirt Giveaway – CLOSED!

Well Hello Thar…

Remember that T-shirt bleaching that went down last week? Well we’ve perfected the technique and now we’re giving away 3 T-shirts we made. There they are hanging on my clothes line above. They’re Iron Man inspired with an oversized Arc Reactor on the chest with the “UNIBEAM” font wrapped around it. Ironically, they’re not ironed. Unibeam is the weapon he fires from his chest. Check it.


To enter the competition alls you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying why you want the T-shirt. The 3 funniest, most original comments get a T-shirt that they can collect in town when they win. You’ve got a week!  Have a lookie at some pics from the making of the Ts just below and then leave a comment for your chance to win a free punchthesphinx.com designed t-shirt! :D


Congradulations Paul, Aonghus and Ryan! Ya’lls win the t-shirts!

I’ll get in touch and drop them off to ye ASAP! Thanks for entering!

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Written By: James
Hi, I'm James. Creator of PunchTheSphinx. I've just finished my first year in Visual Communications in IADT Dun Laoghaire. Now I'm back in Kilkenny for the summer and running PunchTheSphinx again! :D Outside PTS, I play the guitar and listen to mostly metalcore and pop. I design web sites for a living outside college, including this one.

14 Responses to UNIBEAM! T-shirt Giveaway – CLOSED!

  1. graham says:

    wow dude you got some c-ree-ass skills!!those are ace!!

  2. Paul says:

    Well young delaney i think that I Paul should receive one of your fan-fuckin-tastic t’s cos i think if i had one i would go everywhere “pretending” to unibeam the shit out of things and i would just have to most satisfying time using my child-like imagination thinking of explosions and lights…..and fire etc….
    man iron-man is so frickin’ sweet jus thinkin of owning one makes me happy inside…..please dont extinguish the litte light of hope i have left :P …..just imagine me walking round arms in the pump position and making fiery explosion sounds….just take a moment to imagine it….imagine how fantasticaly hilarious that would be

  3. graham says:

    hahaha fuck it give em all to paul!! haha what a guy!all of em! do it!lol . . .im pretty sure you’d need all of them ya tall fucker ya!!

  4. Aon Gus says:

    do i get one?


  5. James says:

    Well you’re already 2nd in the runnin’. And you DID use the magic word. Paul didn’t even use the magic word!

  6. Ryan H says:

    I think I deserve a t-shirt because of that epic first flag capture!
    Oh and if this helps,Please???

  7. James says:

    Savage Cabbage you get one! Along with Daly and Paul. Haha 3 people entered, 3 people get Ts. Not even a competition!

  8. Paul says:


    awh snap its gonna be so frickin awesome :P

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