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Kilkenny Youth Theatre-Get the Capri Sun Blues!

For all of ye who have been living under rocks, Kilkenny Youth Theatre is THE thing for fun, fearless and fantastic theatre for young people. From the success of our last play Burying Your Brother in the Pavement, we’re back with a bang from Tuesday 15th September at 5.30-7.30!

So, why go? Well, it beats homework. And there’s the lovely people, the great skills you learn, the fantastic buzz you get, the free cups of tea…FREE CUPPA TEA!!! Why not go?!

And it isn’t just acting either, there’s script-writing, lighting and sound, costume, set design, directing… and some acting. But seriously, this thing is AWESOME!! IT’S SO DAMN COOL!!!

You can get all the information from www.barnstorm.ie. Hope to see you all there soon!

Oh, and this is from the Potter Puppet Pals. Enjoy! This is one of the best!

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Written By: Eleanor
Self-proclaimed N.E.R.D. (Not Even Remotely Dorky), 14 year-old Eleanor is wise beyond her years. Or just a bit of a show-off. People have often complained 'She's too happy!' but who can blame them? She tries most of the time not to refer to herself in the third person. When she leaves school, she plans to live in London or New York and be a writer, singer, actress and blogger. At the same time. Oh well. We can all dream...

6 Responses to Kilkenny Youth Theatre-Get the Capri Sun Blues!

  1. Ian says:


    New author! Hi Eleanor. Same name as the sexy car from Gone in 60 Seconds. :)

  2. graham says:

    scary ian!!!

  3. Eleanor says:

    Um. Thank you, Ian. Er…

  4. Ian says:

    How’s it scary?
    You’ve seen Gone in 60 Seconds, its the name of the nice car Vin Deisel drives..

    Jeez, soooooooorryyy!

  5. graham says:

    haha get back in your cell!! :P :P

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