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The All Ireland Talent Show: East Auditions



The All Ireland Talent Show held its East Auditions for the second series in the Ormonde Hotel in Kilkenny on Saturday 26th and I was able to get a look into the world of showbiz (or as close as I’m ever gonna get) as I supported my cousin (she doesn’t want her name on, so I’m going to call her Jane) who was auditioning as a singer.

The auditions started at 7.00 am but the Clan of Walsh is a lazy one so we ended up joining the queue at 11.30 am. We killed a lot of time being jealous of people who had brought sweets and chairs and watching three of the crew including a cameraman interviewing people. A woman in suede clothing and lots of headscarves banged on a drum and shouted tunelessly at the poor cameraman. She was very talented. Seriously, you weren’t missing much.

At last we actually got in the door into registration, where Jane got one of those huge stickers you see on the X Factor and we were ushered into a holding area (whenever I think of those words I somehow think of farm animals) and there we waited. Cue some more waiting and then everyone who hadn’t auditioned yet including Jane were shown to a corridor with about five audition rooms and we had to endure even worse waiting until her number was called. She sang ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ by Iron and Wine and she was really good! I’m not just saying this because she’s my cousin or anything.

Them we were pointed back to the holding area and waited a little bit more. In the middle of the waiting though, a really good dance group (I’m sorry, I don’t know the name!)  jammed with a band called Pyrotechinx (I’m not sure about this one either!) which was great fun to watch.

The dance group and Pyrotechinx got through with three other acts in their group. Jane didn’t get through, but she did get on telly, which is the main thing after all!

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Written By: Eleanor
Self-proclaimed N.E.R.D. (Not Even Remotely Dorky), 14 year-old Eleanor is wise beyond her years. Or just a bit of a show-off. People have often complained 'She's too happy!' but who can blame them? She tries most of the time not to refer to herself in the third person. When she leaves school, she plans to live in London or New York and be a writer, singer, actress and blogger. At the same time. Oh well. We can all dream...

33 Responses to The All Ireland Talent Show: East Auditions

  1. Eleanor says:

    Sorry everybody. Wrong button.

  2. shannon says:

    yea but where will it be held in 2010,2011 and wat time and were do u get the forms please i really want 2 go on it ples any info contact me @ ccshannyncc@gmail.com

  3. denise says:

    i want to find out about auditions for ALL Ireland Tallent Show in the south of ireland for 2011 show pleeease

  4. mary lenehan says:

    where is the west auditions because i what 2 bring home the title for the west………………… up the west.

  5. mary lenehan says:

    i am an irish singer . i would love 2 win the title for the west nd bring it home .i was at 1 of the shows and i said 2 myself i what 2 be on that stage that is y i what 2 no when the are on

  6. Sarah says:

    I am a singer and would love to enter The All Ireland Talent Show. It’s my dream to become a successful vocalist and of course to bring the title home to the East. Can you pls let me know where the auditions are on for the East for 2011 + 2012.

  7. Kestine says:

    im not a singer but im a rapper id like ta know when the 2010-2011 it would be cool to establish hiphop in Ireland im gonna represent Cork im no american so i dont understand no new york

  8. mary lenehan says:

    its has been my dream 2 be in the all ireland talent show because of my sister laura may lenehan .i would love 2 bring home the title .up thre west……………………………………

  9. mary lenehan says:

    nd i just want 2 say i want 2 be like grainne or laura a presenter or a singer but i need 2 know were the all ireland talent show is on…………………for the west

  10. aoife !!!!!!!!!!! says:

    i realy realy realy want to enter da all ireland talent show so dus any1 no wen da auditionz for da 2011 show is on in da south ????????????? come on da south !!!!!!!!!!

  11. jamie-lee says:

    hi i really wanna audition for leinster aswel so i wuz wonderin if u wud find out how i wud get an application form for 2010-2011 x x x plz contact me at jamieleebabe@hotmail.com

  12. Mariane says:

    EHmm,, when is the audition for all Ireland Talent show 2010-2011 here in south? i want to try:D

  13. Chloe says:

    hi my name is chloe and i was wondering when and where the west auditions will be held and i wanted to know how i could get an application form thank you please reply to my e-mail adress
    yours sincerly Chloexx

  14. aisling says:

    hi i was just woundering wen the auditions for dublin are on i would really like to try out because many people have said i have a great voice thanks

  15. nicole says:

    hi my name is nicole im 12 and i would like to audition for the all ireland talent show 2010/2011 i was wondering when the auditions were ?

  16. nicole says:

    me again can u contact me at nicole.2moore@yahoo.ie please iv always wanted to be on this show and where can i get an application form ???????????and im from dubln xxx

  17. eric barry says:

    hi was just wondering when the kerrys auditions are on ?

  18. eric barry says:

    eric barry
    you can contact me on my mums email sherazzer@hotmail .com
    thank you

  19. jessica says:

    when are the auditionsfor the west on cant wait to se!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  20. New Champ says:

    Hi guys i just hope the Talent Show happens 2010-2011 cuz i will be the Champ ^^ I will bring something in the stage that no one has ever seen ^^ trust me ^^ just remember the Initials W . R .
    Hope you support me after you see what i am able to do ^^ and btw ^^ i am goin for west ^^ but hope to get votes from all the country you’ll see ^^

  21. yvonne says:

    hey, i’m a singer, and i’m entering the all ireland talent show for the east. i’d love to bring the title home and become a professional vocalist. could you please contact me on how to get an entrance form and the audition dates as soon as possible. contact info: vonnierooney100@gmail.com thanks a mill! xx

  22. lauren says:

    Hey I am lauren just wondering when the Dublin auditons are for the all Ireland talent show 2010/2011
    (can some one please mesage me back)

  23. William says:

    Auditions usually dont start until september but keep a look out on the rte website. the application forms will be available on the site and it will also give details of the auditions in different regions. these details should be available in mid-augist up to the auditions

  24. eleanor says:

    hey, i saw a post you put on a website,asking about the all irelans talent show.I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF YOU FOUND OUT HOW TO APPLY AND IF SO CAN U PLEASE EMAIL ME THE DETAILS.

  25. madeline says:

    hi shannon i’m madeline. i really want to go on aswell
    if you find out can you tell me please at madeline.ronayne@hotmail.com I might be able to get a form for you in my school. i got one last year for me but i didn’t go on the show. I will contact you if i find out!!!! bye xxxx

  26. eleanor says:

    hey if anyone has info about auditions for the east in the all ireland talent show 2010-2011 , please contact… eleanorcon@gmail.com

  27. Aisling says:

    I am auditioning with my recreational cheerleading team Cheerforce
    none of us have ever been to cheerleading lessons but were actually really good.
    If anyone knows the date and time please tell me.I’d be so
    sad if I couldn’t audtion.
    Please tell me.

  28. Aisling says:

    What do you mean “Wrong Button?”

  29. James says:

    Gonna go ahead and close the comments on this. PunchTheSphinx have no affiliation with The All Ireland Talent Show, and we have no CLUE about how to apply or anything on it.

    Soz guys!

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