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This one is for the ladies…

Right lads, always turn your phone off before sex, it could ruin the atmosphere and we don’t want that; Total nightmare. IF, by some terrible chance you forget to turn off your phone and it does ring during you know what, simply look her straight in the eyes and explain after me “Oh don’t worry baby, thats just your orgasm calling to say that its on the way”

This next one I wrote a small while ago for quite a very special girl to me, my best friend and my lover. You might know her, you might not. I entitle this one “I can’t run a thousand miles.. but i can run a mile a thousand times.”


I will call you up, but not on the phone. You can’t feel lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. You see, a while ago my soul glanced across the room, saw you, mustered up courage and then said “Oh, there you are, i’ve been looking for you.” Gay. There are alot of sneaky gays in this world, now some of you must be looking at the screen thinking this guy is just taking the piss.. In a way i am BUT if you don’t have an appetite for sex then there is no point in admiring physical beauty. Dya know what i mean. No? A relationship that lacks any fighting is like drinking gallons and gallons of water after applying super glue to the top of your johnson.. its gonna get rightly fuckin uncomfortable and one way or another, its gonna reach breaking point and there is a pure chance you will end up in the A&E ward of some horrible fuckin cramped hospital.. just sayin. Your knife, my back. My Gun, your head.

Can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need. You’d forget that a smile doesn’t come from something you don’t have but by recognizing, remembering and appreciating something you do have. I know someday you’re going to turn your can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans but until then, lets go out to the M7, just you and me.. stand on a bridge over the super fast highway and watch the world do its thing. I drink, i smoke and i often dream of you. You know that one voice that reminds you of your favorite song, you are amazing. i just thought you should know.

The antidote for 50 enemies can be that one person if you get where i’m coming from with this undying theory, go forward but make sure you know what direction you are facing. If you don’t know what direction you are facing.. i will take my hands away from your eyes, but only for a second and you can forget it if you think i will turn the lights on. You know those people (they speak alot) who say you are not worth it, worth the pain you bring.. but who the hell do they know you’re worth everything. Fuck distance, be here now. I think we all like being a sexual fantasy. You know some people can conquer the world with one hand and hold your hand with their other. And there are some things that surround us in this world that words haven’t been thought up for.. but i will give it a shot as long as you don’t compare your life to others, you have no idea what their journey is all about. My stomach is doing the thing again…

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Written By: Nicky O Grady
I'm the one that got away. But we have no interest in that.

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